Final Day – David Lake

Saturday morning we continued exploring David Lake looking for the various campsites and decided that we would camp back at the upper end of the lake.Returning to our campsite we began packing our gear when three canoes rounded the point in front of the campsite.I hailed the gentlemen,asking if they would like our campsite for the night.They thanked us  and came a shore. We had a pleasant chat while loading up the camp equipment.These six gentleman were all from Southern Ontario on their yearly canoe trip.Guys the photo in the first post is where you campsite was.

So far we had been lucky with the weather,but that was about to change.We had paddled about half way up the lake when the rains started.It literally poured.Upon our arrival at the chosen campsite we quickly set up camp and crawled into the tent soaking wet.It was a miserable afternoon with heavy downpours along with thunder and lightning all around us.To make matters worse Maryjean’s tent had some bad leaks.

By evening the storm let up, allowing us to get a fire going. Everything that was wet we laid  out to dry by the fire.A nice hot supper and cup of tea sure hit the spot.

The next morning didn’t bring much in the way of photographing.We had a leisure breakfast as the skies cleared up.Once all was packed we started our journey home.It was an uneventful trip back out.We met folks coming in and ran into the six gentleman whom we had meet the day before.We finally returned to Killarney Kanoe on Bell Lake .It is always with regret that as we loaded the vehicle up for the drive home that it is sad to have to leave this beautiful Park.But at the same time we are looking forward to our next trip in.

So until next time happy trails.


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