Four Days on David Lake

Three of us embarked Thursday on a four day canoe trip into David Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.The party consisted of my daughter Maryjean and my grandson Coye,plus myself. We loaded up the Quebeco 17 canoe at Bell Lake.I opted to portage out of Bell Lake as oppose to hiking through the Clearsilver Lake area by way of Johnny Lake.

We arrived at the first portage where we met a couple and there teenage daughter and son.They were on there way home. We had a pleasant chat with these folks before hauling our gear and canoe over the 745 meter portage.

When Maryjean went back up the portage to retrieve some remaining gear she discovered that one of the sleeping bags had rolled down into the lake. Stripping she swam out and rescued the sleeping bag.When she met up with me I was informed of the incidence and we had a good laugh.

Before moving on we had some bannock that I had made up the day previous.Great for chewing on.Pushing off we paddled up this swamp lake towards the next portage.This portage was short,only 200 meters.There was a small waterfalls just off the trail so we went and had a look.

Upon entering David Lake we were faced with a good headwind.We did okay paddling up the lake.We located a nice sheltered campsite.Once we got the campsite set up a break was in order with a nice hot cup of coffee.

While we enjoyed a supper of baked rice and chicken breast a Common Merganser Hen with nine half grown babies were observed in a shallow cove by the campsite.They were splashing and diving in the shallows.

By now it was six p.m. and the wind was not calming down.Launching the canoe we headed out to explore the lake.As we paddled, I sighted the mergansers on a flat rock with her brood settled in for the night.The bottom end of David Lake consists of a large number of islands and many rocky points.As twilight approached we built up a fire where by we roasted hotdogs and had hot chocolate before turning in.There is something to be said about a wilderness setting at twilight as you sit by the water overlooking the lake. Off in the distance you hear the lonesome call of the loons as the night settles in.

The above shot was taken the next morning at daybreak.It always amazes me how these type of rocks look early in the morning or evening.Throw in the bonus color in the sky and you get a very rewarding photo.

The recipe that I used for bannock is as follows.

3 cups of flour

3 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon

You then add raisins and nuts.

I also add what ever fruit is available.

Mix all this together and add water or milk.

Cook in a frying pan or wrap around a stick and hold over the fire.

I will continue the trip in a couple days so until next time happy trails

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