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O S A Lake Part 3

By now after a day and a half of rain,dampness along with cool temperatures the weather cleared up.It was now late Thursday afternoon.It is always interesting to watch the grey clouds moving past you and then you spot some blue sky.Within an hour the sky had cleared and the wind had switched to the West.Now it was just a matter of waiting for the evening light and hopefully the wind would calm down.O S A Lake is a large lake prone to windy conditions.I cooked up a meal of Uncle Ben’s rice and canned meat.A nice hot cup of tea to end the meal and we were ready to photograph.

Paul Smith and I had some decent photographing that evening,but you had to watch the wind.In the more open water the wind did not settle down.I captured the above scene on the South side of the island we camped on.I loved the rock structure the protruded out into the lake for its detail.I had photographed this same scene in June.But now I had Fall color and the water level was down considerably since June.Thus exposing more rock structure.There was an old length of a tree jutting into the lake.I put it into the bottom right of the picture.For once I had some decent cloud patterns.

At this time of year darkness comes early.Paul built up a fire and we enjoyed its warmth for a few hours.You could feel the air cooling down now and tomorrow we head home.Thank you everyone for your comments and coming for a visit.Until next time happy trails.