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This and That

This has been an uneventful week in terms of photographing. I spent a few days with my three youngest grand kids at the beach and we had a blast. With that said,the above photo is a pano taken last week looking West of  George Lake.This was quite late in the morning so I felt quite fortunate to capture this scene.You will notice the rock on the left looks like a prehistoric crab with a tail.The La Cloche Mountains in the background along with the deep blue skies and water create a pretty scenerio.

At the 34th La Cloche Art show I was fortunate to place 1st in photography and along with that all three of my photos were sold.So thank you very much to the folks who brought my work.So that is it for this week.I hope to be back out next week so until then happy trails


Along The Lakeshore

I exited the apartment to beautiful clear skies with sparkling stars overhead.I picked up a Tim Horton’s coffee and bagel before heading South on Highway 69.Driving down the Killarney highway was uneventful other than two foxes.As I drove through Killarney Provincial Park at the main campground I noticed a few empty campsites along the way.I was told that there would be no campsites available during July and August so go figure.

I parked at the East end of the campgrounds on George Lake.There was wind gusting on the lake creating a ripple.I loaded up my camera gear and headed to A Y Jackson Lake.The first part of the trail is the hardest part as it is a fairly steep climb up,but after that it is a good go.

I arrived at A Y Jackson and to my surprise the lake was calm for the most part.The sun was now highlighting the trees on the hilltops so I got off a few shots.I continued along the trail going East and came upon Little Sheguiander Lake.I checked the campsite here and it was empty.By staying up on the ridges I was looking for different shooting angles.At one point I was checking out a location and when I turned to go back up the hill I noticed a doe standing not 30 feet from me.With ears forward and a alert look she eyed me for a moment and then bounded along the hillside before disappearing.

I captured the above photo in one of the locations I found.The problem here was that down in Little Sheguiander it was still heavy in shadow where as the upper part of the photo was quite bright from the early morning sun.By putting part of a rock face and a bent evergreen in the foreground to create depth with the La Cloche Mountains in the background you can create a very nice scenic.The reflections in the lake were right on along with the reddish orange of the rock faces.I shot this composition with a zoom setting of 28 mm to keep things tight and a shutter speed of 1/5 sec @ f22.

I continued along the hillside above the lake capturing more shots before making my way down to the George Lake shoreline. To my surprise I was able to get some really good shots as the water was fairly quiet.You had to shot between  the light wind gusts.I managed to get a really nice pano.

It was now 8:30 AM which in it self was remarkable in that the wind held off for the most part.I am usually finished photographing by 7:00 AM.By now canoes were gliding through the water heading to the portage at the East end of George Lake.The wind was picking up so I layed down on the flat rocks on the George Lake shoreline and had a nap.I awoke to the sound of water lapping up on the rocks and noted that the wind had picked up.

It was time to head out so I made my way up the hillside till I picked up the trail and headed back to the parking lot.Along the way I  stopped and chatted with two families with young children before continuing on.It was an excellent morning shot having picked up a number of good shots.It is always nice when Mother Nature co-operates and allows you to photograph her beauty.So until next time happy trails


Finally The Pay Off

I woke up last Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. to a cloudy morning.It had rained that night.I loaded my photo gear and headed to Killarney Provincial Park.My destination was A.Y. Jackson Lake. The two previous trips had been unsuccessful.The road into Killarney was foggy at times and I had to slow down once for a deer crossing the road.I pulled into the parking lot on George Lake and before me were mirror images on the lake.I knew I had the possibility of some good shooting.I prayed that the wind would hold off.I quickly loaded my gear and hiked into Jackson Lake,being careful of slippery rocks.

I have to tell to that upon arrival at Jackson Lake I was treated to a spectacle that every photographer wants to see.My goal had been to get a panoramic on this lake.Well I will tell you it was before my eyes.We will discuss this later.There was fog on the La Cloche Mountains and later that morning the sun came out off and on.The above photo is a result of sun coming out and lighting up certain areas.It was a matter of watching and being ready.For the above photo I set the zoom at 44 mm  and the shutter speed was set to 1/4 sec @22

The highlight of the morning was being able to finally get a panoramic of Jackson Lake with the La Cloche Mountains in the background.The fog in the mountains really made this photo along with the wonderful lighting.

I proceed to capture a number of great shots this morning and by 9:00 a.m. the shooting was over as the wind finally picked up.I was tired but happy with a card full of great shots.You have to make many trips into these areas to get the shots you want and persistence does pay off. The Pano is below for your viewing.Be sure to click on the photo to see it fully.I am off on a two day trip into Killarney Provincial.So until next time happy trails