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Bow Lake Area


This composition was a creation from the South end of Bow Lake. You can see what I believe is a glacier. My brother will correct me on that. But what ever it is it sure stands out.

Gichigami ( Open Water )



A land of raw beauty

With hidden coves

And beckoning bays

For the wayward traveller

Wind swept shorelines along

The moody blue waters

Of a large inland sea

Mist shrouded hills

As far as the eye can see

A land born of fire and ice

In an age long past

The flow of molten lava

Sculptured the ever changing terrain

A receding glacier that

Gorged and marred the surface

Scaring the exposed bedrock

A land of low rounded hills

After eons of erosion

A broken coastline constantly

Pounded by relentless waves

And ever changing winds

To create a land of raw beauty

The shallow soils of

The worn down hills

Are home to the Jack Pine

That dominate the horizon

White Birch and White Spruce

Cover the slopes of the hills

The tea stained waters

Of the coastal streams

Wild and rugged as they flow

Swiftly through rocky terrain

To join the inland sea

This is a land of raw beauty

At the mercy of Gichigami

A huge inland sea

Called Lake Superior

I am on my last day at the French River Visitor Center. So until next time happy trails