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Fast Asleep


Love this photo. A mother with her vendor cart was approaching me. In the corner of the cart was her little boy, fast asleep. I walked up to the Mother. I spoke a few words. My Spanish is limited. I asked her for permission to photograph her son. Photographed in Jinotega, Nicaragua

Un Niño’s La Oracion



Un Niño’s La Oracion

Querido Dios

Yo soy apenas un poco nino

mi papá

El es ido

Sólo mi madre y yo

Mi hermana, hago no saber

Donde ella es

Querido Dios

Como me arrodillo por mi la cama

A orar a usted

Mis ojos están difuminando

Las lágrimas ellos el flujo

Todo las noches

Querido Dios

Por favor, ayúda mi

Encuentra mi papá

Mi querida hermana

|Que significan todo la el mundo

A mi

mi papá

Mi mamá

Y mi hermana

Querido Dios

Por favor, conteste mis oraciones

Amo a mi papá

Amo a mi mamá

Y mi querida hermanaa

Mi hermana

A venir a casa

Para estar con mamá y yo

Querido Dios

No pregunto

Gran parte de usted

Sé que usted estás ocupado

Soy sólo un niño

Mi corazon doloras

Para mi familia

Querido Dios

Ellos son todo lo que tengo

Todo quiero

Estar con

mi papá

Mi mamá

Mi hermana

Gracias Dios

Para escuchar a me

A Child’s Prayer


A Child’s Prayer

Dear God

I’m just a little boy

My Papa

He is gone

Just my mama and I

My sister, I do not know

Where she is

Dear God

As I kneel by my bed

To pray to you

My eyes are blurring

The tears they flow

Every night

Dear God

Please help me

Find my papa

My dear sister

They mean the whole world

To me

My papa

My mama

And my sister

Dear God

Please answer my prayers

I love my papa

I love my mamma

And my dear sister

Dear God

That is all I want

Is my papa

My sister

To come home

To be with mama and I

Dear God

I do not ask

Much from you

I know you are busy

I am just a little boy

My heart aches

For my family

Dear God

They are all I have

All I want

To be with

My papa

My mama

My sister

Thank you God

For listening to me

This Child of Mind

One of the nicest things about being a photographer is photographing young children.With there innocence and willingness to explore there surroundings in the outdoors.The little girl shown is my 11 month old granddaughter with whom I spend countless hours with when I am not out photographing wilderness scenes.I try at every opportunity to photograph my grand kids and just have fun.Whether going for walks or just being with them.

I placed Felicity on the lawn with new Spring grass and let her do her thing.That was to  crawl on her hands and knees,check out the flowers and to touch and see everything around her.I got down in the grass with her and started photographing with my Canon D7.Getting all the poses she would make.

It was a bright cloudy day so the lighting was even and I was able to use a decent shutter speed to capture the action.While that is it for this week.It will not be long now till I will be back photographing my wilderness scenes.The days are warming up and the trees are leafing out.So until next week happy trails.