A Child’s Prayer


A Child’s Prayer

Dear God

I’m just a little boy

My Papa

He is gone

Just my mama and I

My sister, I do not know

Where she is

Dear God

As I kneel by my bed

To pray to you

My eyes are blurring

The tears they flow

Every night

Dear God

Please help me

Find my papa

My dear sister

They mean the whole world

To me

My papa

My mama

And my sister

Dear God

Please answer my prayers

I love my papa

I love my mamma

And my dear sister

Dear God

That is all I want

Is my papa

My sister

To come home

To be with mama and I

Dear God

I do not ask

Much from you

I know you are busy

I am just a little boy

My heart aches

For my family

Dear God

They are all I have

All I want

To be with

My papa

My mama

My sister

Thank you God

For listening to me

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