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Isle In The Mist


My wife Maureen and I returned last Friday from a week at Pukaskwa National Park. This has been a dream trip for me with late morning breakfasts and late evening suppers. The week soared by very quickly as I explored and photographed. Believe it or not I have barely covered this vast wilderness. To be sure there are many more trips to this wonderful park. Maureen and I will be returning in August.

Lake Superior is a vast inland lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world with 10% of the world’s surface fresh water. This is a land of rugged shorelines, ancient landscape of the Canadian Shield. This is a lake that one has to respect. From its cold waters, sudden storms and heavy fog you can create beautiful compositions. To sit up on a hill and just observe the magnitude of this landscape is something to behold. With bold sky s, rolling hills and rugged shorelines interspersed with many islands. The wind blows cold. This is a living  inland sea.

Maureen and I met wonderful folks here. From John and Garth who are the hosts at the park, to the individual people who work here and share their passion  for the park. If an opportunity ever comes to visit Pukaskwa National Park be sure  to stop by of an evening to chat with John and Garth at their campfire. They are very knowledgeable about the park.

The above photo was the result of a fog that rolled in about mid afternoon. This is something that happens fairly often. This makes for some very interesting photography. At times you can see nothing and then the fog recedes to allow you to capture the scene as you like. I was standing on the platform at the Manito Miikana Trail looking towards the South when I created this composition.

I will go into more detail on this wonderful park in the future. Its history as well as geological and vegetation facts. Well that is it for now. I have a lot of digital files to go through and process. Until next time happy trails.