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Late Evening Photography

Late evening is my favourite time to photograph due to the nice warm soft lighting. This photo was shot at 0.6 sec @ F22 with the zoom set at 95mm. Most waterfalls locations are surrounded by evergreen trees with the deciduous trees in behind. A lot of the Pines and Spruce trees do very well on the rocky areas. To get this kind of lighting the sun is just below the tree line and lighting up the evergreens on the opposite side. This causes a reflection in the water that looks golden colored. I placed the pool in the foreground surrounded by the rocks to give me the depth I wanted . Then I wanted to show the lighting on the rocks in the background without showing all the rocks. Then with the rushing water to fill in the detail of the photo.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine, Rob Bouchard who lives in the area. Rob was  born and raised in the Massey Tote Road area. Rob discussed with me an ongoing concern by which the Forestry companies and our MNR are spraying chemicals over logged out areas to kill all deciduous growth so that the Pine saplings can grow without competition.When they do this there is no wildlife. For more information you can contact Rob at

Cameron Falls Revisited


Thanks everyone who stopped by for a visit. I had a pleasant suprise this week as I had an interview published over at 1stAngel Arts Magazine. Here is the link   My thanks to Beth Edwards.

On a photographic field trip this  week I capture a number of  beautiful photos with exceptional lighting. The above photo is an example of what I was able to achieve. Shot at 60 mm with a shutter speed set at 1.6 sec @f22. The rock formations at Cameron Falls are spectacular as well as the color. When you get into very late evening the color of the rocks really come to the fore.The water in the foreground took on a bluish color along with a hint of gold.The really neat thing was the sunlight shining on the middle part of the falls adding to the atmosphere.If you look up at the top of the falls you can just see a hint of gold. This golden color was very common that evening. The lighting on the various rock faces also adds to the atmosphere. A Magical Place

This photo is available for purchase at FAA along with other photos I have taken. Until next time bye for now.

Cameron Falls


Yesterday,Sunday I hooked up with my good friend Rob Bouchard from Massey. Rob took me into Cameron Falls located up the Tote Road North of Massey on the Aux Sauble River.It was a beautiful nice warm day. There is a power dam located here  . This is the type of falls that consists of many routes through the rock for the water to flow.This creates many photographic oppurtunities. To get to the far side of the falls we drove the truck up a side road and then walked in about a mile on a road till we came to Cameron Falls. I always injoy walking in the bush and at this time of year you can see for quite aways as the leaves have all fallen off.

The above photo was shot at 135 mm on at setting of 0.3 sec at F22. I was attracted by the rock structure in the foreground which had a nice reddish color to it using that I composed the photo as you see it.Cameron Falls has some very nice rock formations and coloration that helps create a good photo.


I fell in love with this location when we came upon it. The rock face on the right with the sunlight highlighting part of the rock face. The left side was in shadow. I shot this photo at 135 mm with the camera set 1.3 sec at F29. This allowed me to keep the rock face in focus in the foreground and also the rocks on the left help create depth. The lighting and shadows is what made this photo. The rocks at this falls have a red coloration. I had to take this photo at about 1:00 in the afternoon as the crevise was darkening up quickly. At this time of year the sun is not as high in the sky. Well thats it for now. I will be heading back up to Cameron Falls tomorrow to do some more photographing.

Manitou River

ManitoulightingFirst off, I would like to thank everyone who came for a visit and the nice comments I received. The photographic  equipment that I use is very sparse. I use a Canon Tsi  equiped with a Canon 28-135 zoom lens. This zoom allows me to get my tight compositions in most situations. A polarizing filter is a must. The camera is mounted on a SLIK Pro 700DX tripod with a ball head. This stuff I carry around in a Lowepro backpack so I am hands free.When ever I move to a location the camera goes back into the backpack as I seem to be forever climbing up and down rocks and always near water.Better to be safe than sorry. Nothing dramatically expensive, but what I can afford at the moment.

I have upload another photo that I took at the Manitou River on Manitoulin Island,Ontario. I had previously scouted this area the evening before and liked what I saw. I knew there would be cross lighting at daybreak. Arriving before daybreak I set up my tripod on location. The lense was set at 125mm in order to cut off a large expanse of water and to put the rocks located in the bottom right corner of the photo in the foreground. This allows me to create depth. I also wanted to tight crop the cedar trees to avoid any sky. The rocks and cedar now allowed your eye to go to the back of the photo. On the left is a clump of grass with some color at the edge of the water.This was the first area that recieveded some light and then the grass reflected into the water. The next part of the photo to light up was the upper right side of the photo on part of the cedar tree. Things were starting to take shape. Then a light beam appeared on the water towards the right side of the photo by the rock in the background.Cool. As I watched the beam started to lengthing itself to the left creating the effect you see. The bit of mist adds very much to the photo. Then I had a nice light beam appear in the foreground by the rocks that was a nice gold touch. After that it got to bright and the highlights became blown out. All in all this was a 2 hour setup that was a thrill to watch. This photo was the last shot I took of many.

Until next time happy photographing.

Golden Glow

Its a cool rainy day here today,so I will discuss how the Golden Glow photo that I uploaded yesterday, came about. This photo was taken North of Sudbury in the Fox Lake area. This particular shot was taken at the headwaters to John’s Creek. This section is called The Ladder on the map. The falls appears as a set of steps as the water runs down the rocks. This creates multiple small falls and pools creating many photographic possibilities. The Golden Glow was a result of the sun filtering through the trees and highlighting the trees on the far side of the falls.The trees reflected into the pool creating the nice gold coloration. By composing using the rocks, I created this photo. The rocks here are beautiful and do add to the photo. You will also notice the warm lighting on the rocks also. Another thing that should catch your eye is the fungas growth. This is also a very tight cropped photo. When I say cropped , I mean when I am looking through the viewfinder,not in Photoshop