A Quiet Place To Be


This is a scene I captured at David Lake, Killarney Provincial Park. The clouds were fast moving here. The wind was kicking up a fuss here and there. It was one of those trips where  photographing was very sporadic. On the left is a point of land that I placed to the left of my composition. A small rock outcrop in the front adds a sense of depth. Two rock islands with vegetation in the middle ground. Then in the background is the far shore that is just starting to show Fall colors. The sun is rising at the far left corner.

There is a touch of mist on the lake’s surface for added affect. The reflections tie in the composition nicely. This is a place where one could sit on a rock by the shore and enjoy a morning coffee. At the same time absorbing the surrounding landscape.  A few minutes later the wind picked up and the effect was gone.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails.

9 thoughts on “A Quiet Place To Be”

  1. Looks lovely. I wouldn’t mind having a chance to shoot it myself. you definitely captured the scene well. Its not often I find myself feeling jealous 🙂

      1. Afraid it would be a bit of a journey for me but I am looking at a road trip holiday in Canada this year. Im thinking of flying to Toronto and doing a big loop around the lakes and over to Boston/Cape Cod and back. It would be 2 hours a day driving on average over 2 weeks. I did something simular last year in Vegas. 1,500 Km in 6 days.. great fun.

        I actually go to Killarney National Park a fair bit. Oddly enough, Its also a beautiful place with several lakes. I will be there again soon enough. I will take a few landscapes at sunset and we can see how it compares.

      2. If you come visit me I could take you out. If you canoe at all go into the interior of Killarney Provincial Park. Also a trip along Lake Superior is worth while.


  2. serenity comes to mind..
    Beautiful photo…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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