Earth Tone Colors

The point of land you see above, juts out into the Vermillion River with a bay in behind. What attracted me to this particular scene was the earthly colors of the grass growing along the shoreline. With tones of brown, yellow and green creating a wonderful softness. By using that shoreline for my lead in and keeping the water to a minimum, I made a tight composition. There was a lovely yellow leaf covered tree here that I just had to incorporate into this scene. It really adds to the composition. The sky has a unique band of clouds. The morning mist adds to the mood. There is Fall color on the far shoreline with just a hint of reflection

Well that is it for now. Thank-you for stopping

8 thoughts on “Earth Tone Colors”

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    Ken Bennison’s Photography captured my heart. If you enjoy nature shots, his have to be, in my humble opinion, one of the absolute best. What an idea for beauty has this photographer. Lovely place to visit if you work in the office and can’t get out. This blog is “like” getting out there. I highly recommend!

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