Nature’s Spirituality


You have had a bad day

Your body is tensed

Nothing has gone right

It is time to relax

Off you go along the woodland trail

Following a meandering stream

Till you come upon a pool.

Scrambling carefully across the rocks

Made slippery by splashing water

You edge down by the pool

Unlacing your hiking boots

Slowly easing your feet

Into the cool pool water

The stream is cascading

Over water smoothed rocks

To drop into the pool

Close your eyes momentarily

Listen to the sound

Of the ever flowing stream

Splashing and bubbling

Every fibre in your body

Slowly loosens to the rhythm

Of the small stream movements

You are now part of the spirituality

That a person feels

When you let go

To the senses of Nature

That completely surrounds you.

This is one of my favourite photos. The color, texture and form of the rocks are captivating. The yellow and orange lichen. The yellow leaves can only add to the appeal of this scene. The scene was captured on John’s Creek at the ladder. This small falls drops down in elevation in a series of drops like rungs on a ladder. The hills close in fairly tight. While that is it for now. So until next time, happy trails.

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