Blue Skies and Rocks

I will continue discussing my day trip into Killarney Provincial Park last Friday.One of my goals was to do some shooting in Little Shageleander Lake.I love this location for its rock structures along the shoreline.I have also produced some award winding photos here.

I set up for this composition at the only campsite on this lake.I added shoreline in the foreground and the left side of photo.There was a beautiful blue sky along with nice white clouds.This composition was a two shot pano.I darken the sky a bit to enhance the tree line for better effect.When you have reflections in the water you will find very interesting patterns with a rocky shoreline.Being well into summer there are now lily pads floating on the surface.Some folks may consider them a nuisance in this type of photo.I consider the lily pads a part of the scene and at a later date you will know that you took this photo during mid summer.

Well that is it for this week.Thank you for visiting and I enjoy the comments.So until next time happy trails.




7 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Rocks”

  1. Just love the richness of the blue sky and clouds vs the warm feeling that the rocks produce. It would look stunning as a large arcylic print.

    thanks for sharing

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