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When The Hills Light Up


A hot Spring day. Time to head for the hills. I loaded up my camera gear and fishing equipment into my Ford Escape. It was late afternoon when I headed North of Capreol. I retraced my route from last week . I drove up to the North River where I crossed over and continued North. Three times I had to pull over to allow logging trucks to pass by. They have the right of way. The gravel roads up here are narrow.

On my first trip up here I had spotted a nice piece of rock face up in the hills. Great lighting on the trees and a unique rock face with character. I figured that I would stop here    in the evening on the way back and photograph the scene. The hill had lost its uniqueness by evening due to there being no lighting on the trees. This location has just been logged over. Thus exposing the rock face from the road. When I arrived late afternoon yesterday, the lighting was wonderful. I hiked up an exposed ridge to get a clear view of my subject. The wind was quite strong and gusting. I bumped my iso up to 400. This allowed for a shutter speed of 250 to stop the wind movement. The clouds were moving fairly quickly so it was a matter of watching the lighting and waiting for some decent clouds to pass by in a nice blue sky.

Finishing up I headed further North. There were a couple of lads standing by some forestry equipment so I stopped for a bit of conversation. Always nice to talk to people up here as you can pick up useful information on the area you are travelling in. Moving on I reached the 45 km mark and parked by the river. Time for supper. I set up my chair and cooler at the edge of the river in the shade of a clump of trees. It is so nice to do this. With the sound of the river flowing by. A nice wind to keep you cool. Very few blackflies to annoy you. Even the smell is good. Finishing my supper I retrieved my fishing gear and proceeded to make a few casts. It was still too early to catch any Walleye. But a good way to pass some time waiting for evening to approach.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time happy trails