Pablo Sanchez and I spotted the orange roofs that dominated this beautiful finca along the highway between Riva and the Costa Rica border. I told Pablo that we must stop here on our way back later in the day.

On our return journey, we parked at the gated entrance. A security guard met us. Pablo spoke to the gentleman about allowing me to enter to obtain photos. I was granted permission to do so. I set up my tripod using the palm tree as my foreground. The road leads your eye into the composition along with the fences. By using the palm tree I can create depth to the photo. Beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds that I darkened down to increase contrast. This to me is a impressive finca.

Our journey continues for Pablo and I. By the way if interested give Pablo Sanchez a call for your travelling needs. For the pure joy of sightseeing or your business interests, Pablo Sanchez with his car is available.

Pablo Sanchez can be reached on his cell phone. 8350 7148

So until next time happy trails

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