The Elbow,French River


Received a phone call from a formal co-worker about going out on a 3 day canoe trip. Don Dupuis loves the outdoors, camping and canoeing. Don is also a member of the Search and Rescue Group. I suggested that we float the French River down to The Elbow. Don agreed and on Wednesday July 17 we arrived at the Hartley Bay House and Marina.

I payed our fees and we loaded up the canoe. It was a beautiful sunny day and hot. There was a chance of rain and thunderstorm activity in the forecast  for the three days of our trip. It was 10:00 AM when we finally launched. As you paddle the French River you soon come to realize that this is not a small river. There are so many islands and bays to explore if one had the time. I  estimated that we had approximately seven or eight  kilometers to reach our destination. The wind was blowing towards us, but light. At about three kilometers from The Elbow we landed on an island to enjoy a shore lunch. As we ate the wind was picking up pretty good. So heading down stream we were now paddling into a strong wind that would gust from time to time. I have to tell you we where glad to spot The Elbow and look for a campsite. We chose campsite 625. It had a nice sandy beach. Don and I quickly unloaded the canoe and unfolded the camp chairs. A rest was in order. We both were feeling sore and hot. Must be getting old.

We finally got the campsite in order. It was time for a swim to cool off. That evening the wind was still blowing good and no possibility of photographing. The next morning we headed down to Dalles Rapids to explore around. Don and I pulled into the portage and walked it through. Then we hiked along the ridge until we came back to Dalles Rapids. We filtered water at the rapids as we had drank everything the day before. We returned to camp and after supper returned to Dalles Rapids for a little fishing until the sun lowered before doing some photographing. I managed to catch a couple smallmouth bass. The above composition is a result of my evenings photographing.

I was really turned on by the rock structure I found here and I had a large bent tree to add to the composition. There was beautiful detail and color to be had as the sun lowered.

Well that is it for this week. I will be in Killarney this weekend at the Killarney Art Show. For more info check here.

My photo daybreak went live a week ago at the Exposure 2013 Exhibition at Long Island City New York.

I had an interview over at Exhibitions Without Walls that is now posted.

So until next time happy trails

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