The Lonely Pine


I traveled North of Capreol last Friday. This time I traveled on a different road going North. Beautiful sunny day but a cool North wind. I found a couple locations that could provide a composition. But it was not to be this day. The wind never let up into the evening. I will return at another date.

The above photo was taken on the previous trip North of Capreol. Jan Winthers and I were heading back to Capreol late in the evening  when we saw this nice piece of rock outcropping located on the far shoreline of a small swampy lake alongside of the road. There was a small pine tree located on the rock face that looked interesting. The quartz like rock face had many angles to it which creates  that unique depth. There are reddish colored pine needles trapped in the crevices to add more color. Now the trick here is to separated this single pine tree from the trees in the background. There is some lighting from the sun on some of the boughs that allows this little tree to stand out. I shot the composition vertical to complement the trunk of the pine tree. Also this kept things tight and not too busy.

There is a call for entries at the upcoming La Cloche Art Show. Check there website here.

Well that is it for now. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time happy trails.

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