Fast Water and Rocks


Colorful rocks and fast water make for some wonderful compositions. I purposely kept this shot tight. I just showed enough vegetation at the top to add color and a bit of framing. I chose a couple rocks for the foreground for added depth. Then I recorded different shutter speeds but left my f-stops at f22. At the pace of the water coming through here I need a shutter speed to stop the fast flowing water. This how you  can create what I call character with flowing water. You make the water come alive with power and movement. You want that water to be vibrant.

After you get home, upload your shots to the computer. Then it is just a matter of selecting the composition that turns you on and process it. I am a photo artist so my work for the most part does not look like a standard photograph.

The above scene was taken on the Aux Sauble River just North of Massey Ontario

I have just published a book at Blurb consisting of my photos and poetry. You can check it out here.

Well that is it for now. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time Happy Trails

2 thoughts on “Fast Water and Rocks”

  1. Ken, another great image. I agree that the aperture / shutter speed combo you used really works to create a sense of motion of the water and at the same time shows the power of the river. As in your other image, great post processing to bring the textures and colors to life.

    1. The shutter speed is related to the flow of water Mark. You would not use a shutter speed of 1 second for this photo. It is really fun to work with rivers. The flow of water up here varies with the time of year.

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