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Mountain Interlude



Ah, the joy of photographing. I boarded the bus in Matagalpa heading to Jinotaga. Looking to capture the beauty of the Nicaragua mountains. I have traveled this route many times, so where to photograph was not a problem. My goal was to find a stretch of highway to walk along and capture as many locations as possible. It is now the rainy season here. The landscapes are lush and green now. If you look closely you will discover many shades of green. Earth tones are abundant.

As you observe this mountainous landscape, you will find there is a great deal of depth both vertically and horizontally. This will greatly enhance your 2D photo, allowing to create the 3D effect with the right composition.

The bus slowly crept up the mountain taking on passengers and discharging passengers. My jump off point soon arrived and off I went. Just me and the birds in the folds of the mountains. Quiet and peaceful. The beauty of the land before you. It makes you feel pretty small in a place like this.One of the big issues I had this morning was haze. You just have to take it in stride. As I was strolling along I observed this nice framed scene. I captured this particular image for its dramatic effects.

Well that is it for this week. There will be more to come. So until next time happy trails.