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Abstract and Color in Nature


It is a beautiful sunny day. It is late afternoon, mid June. The ferns scattered along the river bank are a lovely lemon green color. There is a slight breeze so the bugs are not too bad yet. It is always a joy to walk the shoreline of a river looking for photographic opportunities. As the sun lowers on the horizon the surface of the water takes on the colors of its surroundings. A great time to look for abstract type of compositions. I came across some rock just below the river’s surface that created some interesting water flow and color. The trick here after setting up your tripod and camera ad getting the composition you like is to take a number of shots at different shutter speeds. This will allow for different looks to the movement of water in your photo. Then it is just a matter of selecting the one you like on your computer.

Well that is it for now. Thanks for coming by. Until next time happy trails.