A Boy is Born



A Boy is Born

Twas in the city

Of Matagalpa

On a damp, wet night

In the poor side of town

A boy is born

The father long gone

His Mother all alone

He haunted the streets

In Matagalpa

He begged for food

Stole when he could

Learned to be a fighter

To survive the streets

In Matagalpa

Coming of age

He shined shoes

Then joined the army

Told them, he wanted

To be a truck driver

As the years moved on

He saved his money

Bid his time, left the army

Started a trucking business

In Matagalpa

He was now a self-made


The trucks became numerous

The money being made

For the boy, now a man

In Matalgalpa

He married his sweetheart

A daughter was born

He never dreamed of

Raised with love

Promised her an education

That he couldn’t have

Ken Bennison

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