I Asked Her Why


Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicauraga



I Asked Her Why

I sat by the window

When I saw her coming

She approached the door

I knew what was wrong

Her face was swollen

Her eyes blackened

A tear rolled down

Her cheek

I took her in my arms

As gently as I could

Holding her close

Asking her why

She said he was drunk

Just started swinging

For no reason at all

She ran out the door

With no where to run

She came to me

Knowing that I would

Comfort her

I held her away

Looking her in the eye

I asked her why

She allows this to happen

She hugged me hard

Said that I was

The only one who cared

For her

She whispered softly to me

That she finally realized

That I was the one

She truly loved

She began to cry

As I stroked her hair

I told her that

I loved her

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