The Showy Lady Slipper

This past weekend I traveled over to Manitoulin Island to spend the weekend visiting my Mother.While I was there I decided to do some exploring to see if I could find some Showy Lady Slippers to photograph.Jumping into my Ford Explorer I headed out to search for these beautiful Orchids.Mom had told me where we use to find them many years ago.

Upon arrival I found them growing by the hundreds in the area mentioned by my Mother.Unloading my camera equipment I set out to search for some suitable subjects.The first thing I noticed was the flowers had faded in color.I appears that I was a week too late.Searching around I discovered that there were still a few in full color.I was able to the capture the above set of Showy Lady Slippers in a group of four.

I discovered this single Showy Lady Slipper all by itself with an uncluttered background.When you see these Orchids you are enthralled by there size and color.Needless to say they are beautiful.

The Showy Lady Slipper inhabits wet lands and open wooded swamps.This is not a common plant and has vanishing from its historic range.Manitoulin is the only place that I am familiar with this Orchid.I have never seen them in Northern Ontario

Well that is it for this week so happy trails


3 thoughts on “The Showy Lady Slipper”

  1. I like your lady slippers and also the landscapes at the top of your page. The work you do seems to be well crafted and I find it enjoyable to see someone’s work that is well produced and well displayed. I did not tell you my webpage as i do not have one. I know i need to get one up but do not know how to do that. I started to be serious about photography in my retirement as I was too busy and did not have the money to buy some good equipment when I was working. I want to thank you for showing your work as I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks. I wrote you a comment about 10 minutes ago but my internet went down for some reason. So, if you have heard from me twice I apologize for that.

    1. Thank you Hilmar.You do not need an expensive camera.I started with a Canon Rebel Tsi.
      Now I work with a Canon 7D and one zoom lense.I use a Canon 28 to 135 zoom lense.This keeps my weight down when I am portaging into the various lakes.You must learn Photoshop.

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