Journey’s End

Wednesday morning arrived along with the ever present wind rippling the lake surface.It was 5:30 a m. Maureen and I had a leisure breakfast before packing up our gear for the trip out.We launched our Quebeco 17 canoe and paddled among the islands to the open water on OSA Lake.

As we approached the portage in the East end of OSA Lake I noticed calm water at the Northeast corner of the lake.There was a small rock island located there.We paddled over to a small point and stepping into the water I set up my 7d Canon and tripod to capture the scene above.By using the rocks underwater and a part of the shoreline for foreground to draw your eye towards the small rock island. There was no sky but heavy mist in the background on the La Cloche Mountains.This allowed me to place the mist and mountains in the background to create more depth and mood.The white rocks also allowed for more contrast from the darker evergreens and red granite rocks.

The water in OSA lake is very clear.The reason for this is acid rain destroyed the life system underwater.In the early 1900s many of the lakes around the Sudbury area began to be affected by this acid rain.The cause was from mining activities in Sudbury.As time progressed the pH levels dropped to unhealthy levels.Many of the lakes lost there native fish populations by the 1960’s and 70’s.Today with better emission controls and awareness,many of these lakes are returning to normal.

When a lake is murkier color and not very clear, this means there is organisms living in the water.Thus we have tiny creatures living at the bottom of the food chain to larger predators such as fish and Loons.The next time you are paddling on one of these beautiful clear lakes remember that in time they will revive.

The info I used came from a small booklet called George Lake Paddle Guide.This fact filled little book was put out by the Friends of Killarney.It is available at the Park office for $2.75.

Maureen and I hauled our gear over the portage into Killarney Lake.Approaching the Killarney shoreline I noticed the calm waters so I set up the camera gear and captured more photos before the wind picked up.As we paddled out onto Killarney Lake we became aware of a Whitetail doe drinking along the shoreline.I had not noticed the doe while I was photographing.We watched the doe for a few minutes before heading over to the next portage on our journey home.Upon reaching the portage over to Freeland Lake another couple were launching there canoe on a day trip into OSA Lake.

With the gear and canoe over to Freeland Lake we pushed out into the waters of Freeland Lake. Approaching the middle of Freeland Lake we observed ten canoes coming our way.The last canoe was a ways behind this group zig zaging all over the lake.I said to Maureen that I hoped they did not have to far to go.The two young lads paddling the canoe would be played out with all that extra paddling.

Once over onto George Lake we made good time to the beach.The loading of our Ford Escape went quickly.Maureen suggested that we go into Killarney for fish and Chips.This being Wednesday, I said that this being the off season they would be closed until the weekend.It was a nice thought though.

We were tired but happy as we drove home with many more memories to share.It always seems sad when one has to leave this beautiful wilderness area.So until next time happy trails

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