Rugged Rocky Hills and Roaring Rapids

It is always nice to come across a scene that can create a strong sense ruggedness,power and wilderness.When I came across this series of rapids the lighting was a tough call.The water had too much harsh lighting and wind in the trees.Fortunately there was a nice blue sky and a wonderful cliff face to lead you into the photo.The really cool aspect was by using the angle of the cliff from top to bottom I created a follow through for your eye into the photo.The high cliff in the background helped create ruggedness with the green of the trees to offset the rocks.By adding the rocks on the left I created more depth to the photo and at the same time limited the amounted of water shown in the photo,eliminating some of that harsh water.I still retained the S-curve in the water flow.You will also notice that the back end of the river is in shadow and I had to open that up with Photoshop.I was set up on the opposite shore on I high cliff looking up river.

The zoom lense was set at 33mm,with at shutter speed of  1/10 sec. @ f22.I will be going back to this site sometime this year as I would like to redo this shot under more softer lighting and shadows.So until next time happy trails.

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