Berries on a Log

It is getting near the end of winter and Spring is around the corner.It will not be long before I will be tramping my wilderness haunts once again.

In the mean time I have been going through my photo collection and came up with a couple of shots that may interest you.The above shot was taken just off the Killarney road near a beaver pond in late July.I had never seen these berries growing together in such a large clump.I have usually seen them grown here and there as individual plants.I know them as bunch berries.If anyone has more info on these berries please let me know.What makes this shot unique is the stump and fallen log that really helps make this an interesting composition.

I used a tripod as it was late evening with very even lighting available.The zoom was set at 34 mm.The shutter speed was 1.3 sec @ f22.

The above berry photo was taken on a trip to Gordon Chutes in late September.The plant was a tall Sumac type of plant at the rivers edge.I was attracted by the patterns that were available with the leaves and stems to go along with the red berries forming a triangle shape and flowing in the same direction as the leaves and stems.

I shot this photo with my camera on a tripod.The zoom was set to 135 mm.The shutter speed  was 3.2 @ f22.Again this is a very tight composition.

Well that is it for today and I hope all have weathered the winter well.I am looking forward to Spring.So until next time happy trails.

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