Photographing White-Tail Deer

Living in the Beaver Lake area West of Sudbury, I am in prime White-Tail deer habitat. This locale consists of cultivated fields as well as abandoned fields.Up in the hills grow oak trees supplying acorns in season.The deer have flourished quite well here.There biggest danger is getting hit by oncoming traffic at night.

I like to travel the back roads searching for feeding deer in the fields.This is best done in the late afternoon or early morning.There are some folks here who feed the deer and they can be much easier to photograph.Always remember ask for permission to go on someone’s property.

I went and visited a friend nearby and was able to get some close up shots such as above.This photo was shot with a zoom setting of 135 mm and the shutter speed set at 1/50 sec @ f6.3. It was a cloudy day so high shutter speeds were out , the trade off was more even lighting with out the shadows.Shooting tight head shots allows me to have a lower f stops to blur out the background.

I was driving along a back road when I noticed a herd of does feeding at the edge of the road.Luckily they were on the driver’s side and I slowly rolled up to the deer.They all bounded way but one and I captured this very nice pose of the doe in an alert state as she was looking towards the rest of the herd.Deer are very nervous animals and are always ready for instant flight. I shot this photo with the zoom set at 100 mm and the shutter speed was at 200 sec f 8.It was cloudy but more light was available than the previous shot.The brownish color of the grass compliments the brown deer’s fur.A also left space in front of the doe for a sense of distant in the direction she is looking.


As I drove further down the road I spotted two does at the edge of a gravel pit.The road ran parallel to them and I was able to get this shot as the two does came together.This photo was taken with a zoom setting of 135 and the shutter speed set at 1/50 sec f 6.3.

This last shot was taken at a friend’s deer feeding station.This doe was a lighter color than the other does I came across.Deer have such beautiful big eyes and gracefulness that is a pleasure to observe.The zoom was set at 109 mm with a shutter speed of 1/50 sec f6.3

Well that is it for today,respect others private property.So until next time happy trails.


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