Design Elements

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Sea Of Light


Lighting is a powerful tool to capture those unique landscape photos. My first impression of the mountains of Nicaragua was how am I going to create a composition. Where I come from there is rock, trees and water. What is missing in these mountains was water. With that in mind I sat and just observed. Before long I noticed these incredible displays of lighting happening before my eyes. There is for the most part clouds moving in the sky. This is what gives you that unique display of lighting that magically appears here and there.

Now I had to have design elements for compositions. From where I am the mountains were for the most part in the background. The highlands and hills in the foreground. But what really sets things off is the open spaces to be found. Look at the trees next time you are out. They have unique shapes and forms that give that extra artistic touch. Throw in the lighting and you get that unique photo as you see above. Do not forget the land contours in this part of the world. I find they are very unique. The contours can be used as a design element in your composition. If you can just watch and look at the scene before you as vertical and horizontal lines then you will be able to capture that great shot.

Everyone pretty much learned geometry in school. With that in mind look for geometric shapes to incorporate into your next photographic experience.  The curve of the hills; the tree shapes, plus how the land shapes look. There is lots to see out there once you get pass the outer layer.

While that is it for now. Spring is slowly evolving here. Art shows are happening. Greeting fellow artists. So until next time happy trails


Magic Of Light

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A Touch Of Light


A cafe in hand

A chair beckons

A mountainous view

Off to the east

Darkening in the coming

Of the night

A refreshing cool breeze

Dispersing the day’s heat

The parrots have returned

To where ever they roost

The white plumed garza

Long since gone

The sky dark and threatening

Clouds a somber grey

A beam of light

Emerging from the clouds

To cast a golden ray

In a moment of glory

Over a rounded hill

As the clouds roll on

The light slowly fades

Darkness descends once again

While I sip my cafe







I Am A Student

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Mountain Clouds


I am a student

Of Mother Earth

Of Mother Nature

I have opened my soul

I listen with my ears

I view with my eyes

I smell with my nostrils

To all that is offered

By the wilderness

That we live in

From the grandeur scenes

In the far distance

To The beauty at hand

The singing of birds

The mating sound of frogs

The call of the predator

The smell of the woods

The sound of running water

The murmuring of the wind

In the leafy canopies

Mother Nature has much to offer

If only we notice

A Wee Tree

•03/30/2015 • 3 Comments

Sunlit Grass


A long uphill slope

The sky in turmoil

Darken clouds rolling on

A touch of color

From the evening sun

The north wind blowing

Over the parched land

A wee tree swaying

Before the surging wind

Standing desolate and forlorn


A clump of grass

Knee high in height

Parched and dry

Moving to and fro

Before the billowing wind

A golden evening hue

From a beam of sunlight

Intensifies the glowing grass

The sky continues to darken

The clouds streaming on

As the sun lowers





A Vastness

•03/24/2015 • 8 Comments


A Vast Land

Standing on a hill

The vastness of the land

Spreads before me

My lodging but a dot

On the large scale of things

A beam of light

From the setting sun

Caresses the sun burnt hills

I stand in awe

With the hills unfolding

Before my squinting eyes

The feel of the breeze

Freshening on my face

A cool welcome from

The heat of the day

A common experience

In the mountainous country


Far in the distance

On an open hillside

Movement can be spotted

It is the ganado cresting

A brown splotched rise

Herded home by trailing young boys

Mere dots in the fading light



It is also a sign

That I too must leave

To follow the winding trail

Down the sloping hill

Before darkness engulfs me

The trail takes a diagonal

Through a field of maize

The stalks standing forlorn

In the evening half light

A fence line appears ahead

The trail running parallel

The descent is quick

An adobe home appears

Soon lost in the dimness


The Rio Trentino materializes

Hopping from rock to rock

The shallow river is crossed

The road beckons ahead

A patch of red roof

Appears in the near distance

Nestled on a sloping hill

A place to rest

Ones weary legs

A Whimsical Isle

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A whimsical isle offshore

Evergreens crowd the center

Struggling to maintain hold

Among the worn rocks

The trees are dwarfed

With inadequacy of food

Time and time again

The ravages of Lake Superior

Overwhelm the tiny island

After each bout of ferocity

The little trees still stand

A testament of strength

To withstand the brutality

Of the unforgiving waters


With a lowering sun

The water is calm

A rare moment it is

The trees stand bold

In the evening solitude

White clouds flirting

Across the blue sky

Reflecting upon the water

The horizon turning pink

From the sun’s glow


The shadows are creeping

Over the reposing land

Darkness has now descended

The isle mere silhouette

Upon the placid waters

The sky is clearing

The stars luminous in the night sky

The moon casts a silver glow

Over the diminutive isle

There is a sense

Of quietude and peace

Along the rugged shoreline














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Been riding on the Chicken buses all day
Arrived in Granada hot and dry
Took to the streets
Looking for a hotel
Charming colonial colored buildings
Boldly painted in splashes
Of red, green and yellow
Line the narrow streets
The red tiled roofs
Overhang the streets
There is an air
Of excitement and energy
The chaotic open air market
Bustles with activity



A carved wooden door beckons
An attractive young lady
Greets and invites me in
Tis the Hotel Casa Del Consulado
Of old world charm and warmth
With a room secured
A refreshing shower
The afternoon wearing on
It is time to hit the street
I make my way
To the Granada Central Park



Strolling along the bustling street
With one way traffic
An overhanging balcony beckons
As I stood there gazing
I pictured a beautiful young woman
Dressed in her finery
Hair glistening in the evening light
A sparkle of a tear
As a young man below
Serenades with his guitar
Expressing his true love
The blast of a car’s horn
Disturbs my thoughts
I continued along cobblestone streets


The Parque Central materializes
The shady benches and green grass
Beckons a weary traveler
By night a haven for cuddling lovers
Vendors line the streets
Selling their wares and food
Carriages line Parque Central

A cafe beckons to the right
Tables on the terrace
Provide welcome shade
From the mid afternoon sun
Seated at a table
With a cup of cafe
Observing the busy street life
Going on before me


The luminous Cathedral of Granada
Looms to the east
A bright yellow church
Of neoclassical design
Three red roofed domes
Rise to the sky
As I sipped my café
Admiring the beautiful architecture
Of the Granada Cathedral
The sun is descending
The air is cooling

With the evening in full swing
It is time to enjoy
The nightlife of Calle La Calzada
A crowded cobbled street
Lined on both sides
With bars and restaurants

Sitting down to dinner
With the stars overhead
It is a joy to watch
The musicians and dancers
The street vendors hawking
Their various wares table side
A waiter approaches smiling
To offer me a menu
I order Gallopinto with fried plantains
To quench my thirst
While waiting for the meal
I ordered a Toña lager

As I sipped my beer
The sounds of the street
Flowed and ebbed around me
The meal soon arrived
Along with a young vendor
His wares on display
I inquired about a shark tooth necklace
To my delight he produced.
Haggling over the price
We both came to an agreement
I became a proud owner
Of a shark tooth necklace
To wear on my neck

The hour was getting late
It is time to retire
Making my way through
The less crowded streets
I slipped through the entrance
Of Hotel Casa Del Consulado_MG_0395




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