In Slumber

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I lay down to slumber

Soon fast asleep

I drift off in dreams

Of an ancient forest

Nestled among rolling hills

The sunlit glades beckon

In the near distance

The sound of running water

Gurgling and bubbling

Of a small stream

Following its winding path

Through the old growth forest

Stepping stones allow passage

Through the shallow waters

Pools form at the stream bends

White lilies nod gracefully

In the quiet pools

The forest floor abounds

In splashes of color

Of the blooming wildflowers

A swallow tail butterfly

Alights on a flower

Moving on to another

The gentle beauty of lush ferns

Among the stately maples

Add a royal touch

Song birds flirt and dash

Among the changing shadows

The stirring of the leaves

By the gentle breeze

Brings a refreshing feeling

As the dream ends

Having awaken from slumber

Hills And Mountains

•02/12/2015 • 4 Comments


I have the opportunity to Photograph mountain scenes in Nicaragua. We are completely surrounded by these mountains. I captured this scene above by using the clouds and the slope of the mountain. The individual trees emphasize the tremendous distance and size of these mountain slopes.

I do not have much time to get into any great deal  as I am sitting in an internet cafe. So until next time happy trails from Nicaragua.

el Chile

•02/05/2015 • 5 Comments


I am visiting friends in the mountains of Nicaragua. The days are hot with cool nights here. This part of the country at the moment is very windy. I am near San Ramon. After a month of waiting everything fell into place yesterday and I captured the above scene. Reminds me of the Old Masters paintings of years ago The mountain in background is known as el Chile. All around me there is tremendous depth. As you look at this photo it has a high degree of mood, depth and lighting. So until next time happy trails.

An Illusion

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Last August I spent an evening at the Agawa Pictographs photographing. It was one of those evenings that were a bit on the dark side with heavy cloud cover. Off on the horizon sunlight filtered through the clouds. There was heavy fog rolling in that appeared as a land mass. The fog gave the appearance of rolling hills coming down to the shoreline. Thus I created the above composition to create the illusion you see. The colors are very sombre to give it a truly eerie effect.

That is it for now. So until next time happy trails

Old Women’s Bay

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Old Women’s Bay was made famous by Bill Mason. It was his jump off point for many of his canoe trips on Lake Superior. My wife Maureen and I have made many stops here to enjoy the scenery. If you look closely you can make out the old women’s face. There is a nice evening glow on the rocks. You drive down a fairly steep hill towards the bay coming from the north. I set up on the side of the highway for this particular composition.

In order to make this work, I elected to use the evergreens cascading down the hill on either side of the road as my frame. By keeping them dark to enhance the brighter tones of the rocks. At the same time eliminating some of the water.

I am in Nicaragua at the moment enjoying the warm weather. So until next time happy trails.

A Red Glow

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I wrote about this particular scene a few posts back. There is an ancient lava flow here that has been preserved over time. The location is Mica Bay, Lake Superior. I had climbed up unto an outcropping of rock and photographed the location. The sun was on the horizon to my left. It was rapidly sinking below the horizon. As I sat there, the rocks took on a reddish hue that was really fascinating.  The red hue was very powerful on the rocks. Withing a couple minutes it was gone. Another episode of what nature can produce before your eyes. The camera and tripod were already set up, thus it was only a matter of setting the exposure and click away. The clouds had a reddish tinge to them. The rocks in foreground stayed dark due to an outcropping of rocks to my left. That was good as it provided good contrast with the rest of the scene.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails




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A quiet peaceful morning

An overcast sky above

Calm waters prevail

In the quiet nooks

A touch of mist

Floating on the water

A dampness in the air

A place to retreat

To discover nature’s simplicity

The maples orange and red

The angled rock lines

Flowing into the water

The mark of glaciers

Scouring the shoreline rocks

A touch of color

On the time worn rocks

The morning sunlight

Edging the pine needles

A dreamy quieting morning

A soothing restful place







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