Old Women’s Bay

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Old Women’s Bay was made famous by Bill Mason. It was his jump off point for many of his canoe trips on Lake Superior. My wife Maureen and I have made many stops here to enjoy the scenery. If you look closely you can make out the old women’s face. There is a nice evening glow on the rocks. You drive down a fairly steep hill towards the bay coming from the north. I set up on the side of the highway for this particular composition.

In order to make this work, I elected to use the evergreens cascading down the hill on either side of the road as my frame. By keeping them dark to enhance the brighter tones of the rocks. At the same time eliminating some of the water.

I am in Nicaragua at the moment enjoying the warm weather. So until next time happy trails.

A Red Glow

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I wrote about this particular scene a few posts back. There is an ancient lava flow here that has been preserved over time. The location is Mica Bay, Lake Superior. I had climbed up unto an outcropping of rock and photographed the location. The sun was on the horizon to my left. It was rapidly sinking below the horizon. As I sat there, the rocks took on a reddish hue that was really fascinating.  The red hue was very powerful on the rocks. Withing a couple minutes it was gone. Another episode of what nature can produce before your eyes. The camera and tripod were already set up, thus it was only a matter of setting the exposure and click away. The clouds had a reddish tinge to them. The rocks in foreground stayed dark due to an outcropping of rocks to my left. That was good as it provided good contrast with the rest of the scene.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails




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A quiet peaceful morning

An overcast sky above

Calm waters prevail

In the quiet nooks

A touch of mist

Floating on the water

A dampness in the air

A place to retreat

To discover nature’s simplicity

The maples orange and red

The angled rock lines

Flowing into the water

The mark of glaciers

Scouring the shoreline rocks

A touch of color

On the time worn rocks

The morning sunlight

Edging the pine needles

A dreamy quieting morning

A soothing restful place







A River’s Destiny

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A fine light mist

Hangs over a Northern lake

Draping the surrounding forest

Moisture laden branches dripping

Onto the lake’s surface

The remnant of a late summer storm

No winds blow now

The lake surface calm


The sound of running water

Can be heard not far off

A beaver dam holds

Back the rising water

Induced by the storm

A beaver can be seen

Repairing the leaking dam


The water drips through

The dam of sticks and mud

The dripping water

Becomes a trickle

Of a small flowing stream

The stream menders through

A grass filled swamp

Gnarled tree trunks

Grey with age

Stand like aging sentinels

Among the green grass

Waterfowl frolic and feed


The stream flows on

The sky is clearing

By late morning

The sun warms the land

Emerging from the wetlands

The river’s edge becomes rocky

The hills close in

Old growth pine and cedar

Dominate the rocky shoreline


With quicken of pace

The river flows onward

The merging of streams

Swells the strengthen river

The speckled trout abounds

In the clear and cold water

Of pools and rapids


A wide bend appears

A grove of Birch trees

In a burnt over area

Grace the river’s edge

The white bark luminous

In the late afternoon


There is a noticeable

Increase of water flow

The roaring sound of water

Can be heard ahead

Mist is seen in the distance

The river plunging vertically

Over a steep precipice

Into a swirling pool

Jagged cliffs are raised

Above the violent water



A family of Otter rollick

Below the misty falls

The river tumbles and surges

Through a rock infested gorge

To emerge into quiet waters

Leaving behind the towering hills

To flow through level land


A scattering of Maples

Are now a common sight

A grass filled meadow

Appears in the distance

A Common Merganser hen

With her half grown brood

Following helter-skelter behind

As she hurries downriver


A cow moose noiselessly

Steps to the river edge

Two calves follow behind

Lowering their heads

To drink their fill

Of the clear water

Before merging back into

The shadowy forest



The river flows on

Small birds in splendid color

Twitter and dash among

The overhanging tag alders

A hawk perched high

Watching for an unwary prey

A mink dark in color

Follows the rugged shore

With a bounding gait

Foraging for a meal


In the far distance

The shimmering waters of

Lake Huron is glimpsed

The river twists and turns

Through heavily forested land

To emerge through wind swept rocks

Merging into the vastness

Of Lake Huron

A Sandy Beach Beckons

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A sandy beach beckons

The stars twinkling in the heavens

A full moon shines

A silvery path sparkling

On the rolling water

Arm in arm we walk my love

Barefoot on the cool sand

The gentle lapping of water

Upon the sandy beach

Silence is golden

Under the silver moon

Come sit on this log my love

You rest your head

Upon my shoulder

Watch the falling star

Streak across the heavens

Our years together my love

Have created a bond

As we sit quietly

On the sandy beach

Each with our own thoughts

In the solitude of the night

With a kiss on the lips

We rise to run

Through the cool waters

Laughing and giggling in our joy

Water splashes around us

As we race through the water

Let us catch our breath my love

A hug and passionate kiss

Before moving on

Share our endless love

Along a silvery beach

A Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you for stopping by through out the year.
Below is a selection of books I have published.
I just published A Wilderness Experience Through The Camera’s Lense this past week

A Wilderness Experience Through The Camera's Lense
A Wilderness E…
2009 to 2013
By Ken Bennison
Photo book
AWilderness Experience Through Photos And Poetry
AWilderness Ex…
By Ken Bennison
Photo book
The Spirit Of The River
The Spirit Of …
By Ken Bennison

Photo book

Two Little Brothers

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Borne upon the wind

As windblown seeds

To settle upon a ridge

One a Juniper tree

The other a white pine

In time they spread roots

Emerging into the world

To peer over the grass

The view before them

Of clear sapphire waters

Set among the ancient hills

Of gleaming white quartz ridges

Renown as the La Cloche Mountains


Summer turned to fall

A north wind blew

Causing a chill to blanket

The changing wilderness

The hills once aglow

With the colors of fall

The hills now stand bare

As the last leaves descend

To the forest floor

An early winter snowfall

Blankets the barren land

Two little brothers submerged

In the fresh fallen snow

Dark clouds roll overhead

Ice begins to form

On the darken waters

The nights are cold

With the temperature dropping

Two little brothers lying dormant

In the fresh fallen snow

Not to awaken till

The coming of spring


It is now winter

The land buried in snow

The cold raw and dry

Prevails over the land

The sound of snapping branches

Echoes through the forest

On bone cold mornings

There is a raw beauty

Looking over the landscape

The nights are long

The days are short

In the grips of winter

Two little brothers lay

Dormant beneath the snow


A warm freshen breeze

Blows from the south

The temperatures turn mild

The coming of spring

Just around the corner

The snow in turn

Begins to melt

The dripping of water

Commences to flow

But the coming of darkness

Lends a chill

Through the awakening forest

Each morning brings another

Warming spring day

The grip of winter eroding


Before long the little brothers

Poke through the receding snow

To refresh in the clear spring air

The cleansing spring rains

Invade the awakening hinterlands

A touch of green

Soon appears on the forest floor


Then a sudden snowfall

Blankets the changing vista

But the snow is gone

By the next day

The warmth of the sun

Soon prevails over the landscape

Melting away the fresh snow

The sound of running water

Is heard everywhere

Under the relentless sun

A once icebound lake

Is now open water

The sound of waterfowl

Splashing and feeding

The haunting call of the loon

Echoes over the lake

The sounds of spring

Carries in the air


Patches of color push

Through the dead leaves

Spring flowers soon dot

The woodland floor

The returning song birds

A splash of color

Darting among the trees

Give joy to spring

With their graceful melodies


A sea of green splashes

The far quartz hills

The two little brothers

Rejoice in new found growth

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